silentbob I Believe

from Fat Wreck Chords Volume V

I believe that joy defines success
I'm aware of wht causes my happiness
i believe the distance of my reach
is far beyond wht i ever dreamed
what i dreamed
shaped my creed
all i need is self belief
its all you ever really need

i believe their world is misery
i'm aware they speak the language of despair
i believe in seeing through the fear
the fear of the future thats breeding mediocrity

the opposition fuels the fire
and only strengthens my desire
to break away from what's expected
and throw it in their face

the opposition makes me dream
of how much better i can be
to outshine their drab existance
and throw it in their face
angie havent blathered in awhile. i am trying to understand myself. write about myself. type about myself. you are not me. i dont know where to go. there are 5 guys and they are all pretty different. this isnt even about that. why do i think about this? i just need to know who to believe. i cant wait to get out. cant wait. 020508
continuous ache that we're not stuck in vain. 020509
bespeckled I don't believe you.

I'm not the actor on the dark stage that you envisioned.

I'm not that actress that captivated you, I wasn't glowing when you saw me long ago.

You want someone, you want something,
you'll take it

from anyone

from me
from me

I'm left panting on the ground, searching for my heart somewhere among the rubble.
mcdougall Itís the truth
Not much else to do

If you're not believing in something,
Youíre believing in something else
skyburst i can't believe the things i write 041108
Fido Here in the rye where I lie
I see something floating in the sky
And without a moment's doubt
I began to muse on its whereabouts.
Relative to Indonesia, that is.
Here in these fields believing is natural -
Here it is only me
And whatever I can fit in my satchel -
Peanut butter and jelly.
The usual.
Something red peeks over the edge
I can't see for the golden stalks waving
And whispering so loudly
So urgently I swear they're craving
But I won't oblidge.
I never oblidge anyone, or anything,
Nor let myself be wound round
Anyone's bloadsoaked little string.
No price is high enough
Or whiskey dry enough
To draw me from this bed.
I can feel heat again -
And can taste the purity
And I am drawn by the call
Of that blond girl giggling
Just nearby.
my sharona Okay, i believe you, you were the boy who blocked me from a heart that could have grown cold. 041128
cr0wl yeah. i believe that when i die i'm going to start over. 090204
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