birdmad from here 010130
... far 010223
brown cardigan boy a year and 2000 miles. 010302
stupidpunkgirl and would you even miss me if i went away? 010302
silentbob im in ames right now
and even though we probably wouldn't be together if i were around
i try to keep my mind off you for fear of a raging heart
for fear of missing you
fallen i can feel it pulling me away....i can feel it coming to claim me....i can feel me going under....i can feel me going down....down....down.....i can feel it pulling me away......pulling me away from me......away....away... 010303
dean-bean Everyone goes away. I can say it with a smile cause it's true. We write at first. Call sporadically. Then one day you realize that they aren't part of your life anymore and you sigh, cause you can stop pretending. Then again, I was never one for sentimentality. I just want someone to say to me: I'll always be here when you wake. 010402
rollins As she becomes
I watch myself try to hold on to her
I have never known a pain like this
spoons always away,lost inside of my own world. stuck in do not disturb with an inability to focus or comprehend. My life's a constant slurring blob of never ending soap operas, fucked over one way or another. butis it really worth it in the end??? 011130
blown cherry Missing you while you're away,
praying I won't have to miss you even more when you return.
bespeckled And what now, does he think?

[Deserted, alone, betrayed, unloved, alone, tired, tired, tired, hopeless, alone, losing, failing, nothing to hold on to anymore, alone ... tired] ?

If he knew,
if he could only see ...

[Content, perseverant, confident, together, some day, optimistic, only a little longer my dear ...]

yes, he would know.
bespeckled and he would realize. 021212
jt there there
there is a
theirs or youRs
it's really here
you lost ?
or just away
belly fire not gone but away
you, my dose of subjectivity,
who sees me only in the things I've said and have yet to say
you precious thing
with all your suffering
I wonder how your exams are going
and how you sleep at night
is your happiness melting away with the last bit of snow?
somehow my emptiness is connected with your being...away
I can feel it almost certainly
is your belly empty like mine?
what do your dreams tell you these days?
my letters will go unanswered perhaps
but I would think it enough that you are reading them
that you know I think of your well-being
rather often
lotuseater ill never be far enough... there is no limit

i want to go
i want to leave

here is too close
there is too far

i hate the desert.
filing cabinet hemispheres i dont want it to i dont want it to i want to to go away for a long time 060525
Risen I think I figured out why she went away.

It's genius, really. If you're worried about leaving, because you incorrectly assume that the other person will reveal themselves as your dirty little secret to the people in your life you REALLY care about... what you do is simple. You say the important people already know, and that you've been forbidden from contacting your secret again.

In one genius move you've severed ties, stopped them from contacting you, and cut off any potential retribution in advance.

Of course, it means you've assumed the worst of someone you said you trusted and cared about. It takes away all their control. All their choices. It assumes you couldn't have reasoned with them. It means you hated being around them. It means you didn't think you could be honest. It means you lied to them. It means they get no closure, which is torture. It means you destroy them more than anyone else has before. It makes it all a lie.
what's it to you?
who go