daxle no matter what costume you wear, I can see you underneath 020714
Evil Parallel Bono is it someone who moves it mysterious_ways?

(with my clthes back on)
daxl although I didn't guess you were bono, I suppose I should have 020714
Evil Parallel Bono who do you think i am?

i was here, i was curious and i had just gotten back from streaking and dancing my way through my favourite place - you know, the one where_the_streets_have_no_name

i'm usually just here to baffle nocturnal and the regular bono from this universe, but i ain't seen either of em since forever ago, what with finishing hat last tour and then going to africa with the secretary of the treasury for third world debt relief and all that

(wearing shades and little else again)
what's it to you?
who go