kendera i have known since i was four that each second is gone forever. i would sit in front of the stove and stare at my reflection, trying to consciously prolong each second, but i couldn't. the seconds were too quick to catch. i became sad and started flailing around the kitchen. and i am still reeling about this....... 010622
kyla It seems we are betrayed by contemporaneous accumulation and loss of time. We become ever increasingly accountable to ourselves--and ever less accountable to anyone or any force that may (or may not) have reckoned our formation. Or, at least, we become ever increasingly aware that this might be true. And that it might really suck, in the end, when we must tally our own accounts. 040329
pilgrim Time Dialation takes it,s Toll.
Relentless Acceleration presses the Years back with ever Greater Force.
Still This collection of Vibrations that I call "Myself" Breathes In and Out, constantly Exchanging parts of Itself with Everything that Surrounds It.We are More Than Our Accomplishments,
More Than Our Experiences, More Than Our Loves, Pains and Pleasures.
Hoplessly Entwined Through Atmosphere Starlight and Atomic Nuances.
We are All Indespensible Partners in This Energetic Dance.
I don't Know Where The Boundries Lie
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