mikey and? 010306
dB You speeding or something mate? You are going flat out on these posts. 010306
mikey no just bored. i give 100% into all that i do also and i really love blather. plus consider ive never used everything ive wanted to express is coming out. and im a poet so i may see 1 word and just go off on that tangent wherever i end up is where i be. 010306
mikey sadly to be honest i dont have much of a life so sitting here typing is something to do that keeps me from dwelling on my lack of a life at this current time. 010306
dB Well given the alternative, going out there and working in some god damned cubicle, 9 to 5, house kids and car, just keep on going getting up and going, keeping the pretense alive that you have a purpose. Or going to some inane school, to talk about what happend on Dawsons Creek or whatever in your lunch break, or gossiping about who is fucking who.
That's all bullshit, that is not living. If you are doing what you like and expressing yourself and ecpanding your own mind, then that is living.
mikey good point. 010306
bespeckled and = marginal propensity?

And one more.
And then some.

= over and above what i had/did/wanted/felt/etc. before "and"

And is a good word.


More of this, more of that, more of you and more of me.
wonderwall golly gee this is cool.
when will i be free?
freedom is fleeting and non-existent for me and for everyone else but we don't realise it.
It sucks.
silentbob as well as 020410
stonemountaindweller Plaintiff states his case.
Judge Nasrudin blurts: "You're right! You're right!"

Defendant states his case.
Judge Nasrudin blurts: "You're right! You're right!"

"Hey!" says the Clerk of Courts
"They can't both be right!"

Judge Nasrudin blurts: "You're right! You're right!"

It's the "and" that saves from the trap of either/or.

You're right! (And you're wrong!)
eyedream I am not used to blather-red. I thought it would be the same but only red. But it's actually a smaller brainchild of blather.









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