J-Rock I'm still alive. 020407
silentbob do i deserve to be? Is that the question? 020407
J-Rock if so, who answers?
who answers?
Photophobe Red awake and full o oxygen, as the train pulls in. 020411
blown cherry heated bloody travelwisps! They're everywhere, they get in your hair, stick to your clothing. Someone should just kill them all. 020412
kitty i recently made a sculpture for a class that looks like discordant metal chards rising from a base. one girl said it looked alive. that made me happy. 020413
Warm image of flinders st they have no oxyen though.

I do. Sometimes.
blown cherry I'd breathe some into you if you wanted.
Every last drop I had.


I've felt so alive in the past few days, I've felt strong and alive and awake.
I'm entirely not myself :)

I should have trusted my instinct all those years ago, perhaps I could have been living longer than just a few days.
Sonya The rainbow glitter of her wings shimmered as she finally began to spread them. Slowly, slowly she floated towards the skies, her raven black hair blowing gently in the wind behind her. It graced her neck gently and flew behind her, almost as a protective robe.

She felt so alive then and her confined death of misery was behind her now. All that was needed was sight of her long waited for destination and the hope that soon, soon the castle in the sky would be built. He'd be waiting at the gate for her to land. Now it's just wait and see...wait and see.
silentbob how your body still remembers things you told it to forget 030127
xdamagedx I am alive
under a black sky
with white clouds
and twinkling stars
im sucking in air
i can feel the chill all around me
i shiver and my skin reacts
i can do anything
i can be anyone
i am excited and indifferent
because now i know
and you can't take that away
belly fire I could barely sleep in his arms
I was so raw from emotion
I feared waking him - that he would feel my vibrations - the stirring under my skin
I crawled in beside him and felt his body curl around mine
even asleep he felt so very alive
it swept a new wave of emotion through me
and I lay awake
hopeless we are all alive
only some more than others
i was alive
untill you came along
to crush me under your thumb
now i only walk beside you
i am your toy
flowerock It is terrifying to be alive. I am peeking out of the birth canal. I burried myself in half rotting plecenta, unsure of how to make it fertile, in the fetal position with my home rotting around me. I reached out and felt the sun, I let my hand stay there, soaking in the warmth, imagining the light! I just had to see... and then began the slow process, turning so slightly as not to tear the still potentially useful womb in which I hid, reaching further, with both hands now, wiggling my way out... but still attached by a chord. 140519
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