birdmad abnormal angels attack america.

den-ben I declre wr on the letter "a" It's so hoity-toity just becuse it's first in the lphbet. Bstrd. (shkes fist t sky)
First letter, I shun you. t lest for the durtion of this post.
pilgrim In Egyptian Heiroglyphics No Vowels Were Used. The Name Ra Has Been Deduced From Present Pronunciations, Not From Written Inscriptions. 010209
nbs srs thth so, as written, he would merely be "R"? 010209
brdmd hmm. 010209
dean-bean Sun god, one God, Ra-Ra-ra!
Isis, Isis, Ra-ra-ra
soia come on now, give us a grade
A for effort
B for delivery
C for devotion when the world starts encroaching on your plans
somebody andrea 010828
w o w (a)mazing. 011031
guitar_freak singular
pralines&cream ...makes the same sound as "eh", as in:

"eh? what? i don't get it"
"so, you're ugly, eh?"
"eh ... i'm not comfortable with that ..."
"eh! what's cookin good lookin!"
"like? it's just ... eh."
Lime Rider Words with an a in front sound stupid. a-walking a-singing sun a-blaze. A laughing. Haha 020404
sharkieandgeorge ---------------AAA
A arrrogance is one reason why they hate us 030213
the fire inside i'm going to set this aside for what i really think of laura. i've written all this other stuff on blue but i think this how i'm always going to feel.

i REALLY love you, but i'm not getting anywhere by trying to trick myself into thinking that i have any chance at all. i can see that you are just not interested and no matter how many times i say that i love you and try to convince you. it's just not going to work. i don't like giving up and this is very hard. you won't ever read this but it feels better getting it out.

that in itself was a lie, i'm feeling sick in the stomach as i write this and i know that i won't ever get over you not really. i don't know what to say really.

i love you and you don't love me.

simple ..... painful ..... and truthful
silentbob After all apathy, an awakening appears above an angelic aura. 080625
what's it to you?
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