sabbie leave bloody stains 020128
Mahayana rusty 'r&s-tE rustier; -est rusty
dreams affected by or as if by rust especially :stiff: with |or| as if with rust rust...
rusty snakes & spirals
rounded light-orange uredinia
and buried telia
a leafs dead color
come back down
come back down
aecial stage

sapwood inner bark
her loves souls soul:
is inept and slow
inner bark sapwood
through & through
lack of practice
or her tired
aged young age

Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae
: rusty 'r&s-tE rustier; -est rusty:

old dilapidated ship
rust/ blister rust /cedar apple rust/ crown rust /leaf rust /red rust /rust mite / rust bucket /rust belt/ stem rust
wheat rust/ white rust/ white pine/ blister rust
old dilapidated ship

[ill wear my chain of rust as if it was wild daises swaying to the metronome of her time][[red whine]][[her time]]

[[and i shall never take it off, brown or reddish patches ...let it rust on through, breaking skin, eating vain veins, eating vain veins, break my skin, sink in ... sink in ... burrow into the surface of my leaves ...mold my skin around the loops youve hand weaved]][ivy gripper ways][ivy gripper ways][scalling my surmountable waves... colliding with her...colliding into her]
[and i dont ever wanna go home]
[and i said]
[i dont ever wanna come home]

swaying to the metronome of her time
Casey I remember this dream I had a few years ago, where I was trapped on a checker board and after that I ended up driving my mom's van down the street, the I forget what else happens. 020128
unhinged i had buried them somewhere
in an iron box
deep deep deep
in the ground
waiting for the shovel that
would find them
and one day there was an e-mail
proclaiming me a goddess
and i ran to my yard of hallow
with my shovel
and dug out the box
i've been trying to open the lid
but it's stuck
i've been contemplating
digging myself another hole
but, she reminded me again
i was still a goddess
and there was no way to go but
so marked ... 050207
Mister Brightside metallic ghosts decaying in sea mists 050208
. . 090206
Ouroboros i remember passion, past, touching my loves and my life with flame, full of possibilities and ready to fly 100501
ever dumbening every step so heavy 100501
what's it to you?
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