unhinged good old just told me something i've known for years. that the state of ohio is going down the shitter and two cities in northeast ohio are the fastest dying cities in america.

1. canton, oh

2. youngstown , oh

way to report breaking news forty years in the making. people around here say they're in the rust belt, shit man. their houses aren't falling down. their factories are still making shit.

the house on the corner of my grandpa's street in the heart of the west side of cleveland was up for sale for $8000. no, i didn't forget any zeros. the heartland is clogged and dying; pretty soon we are going to have to start cutting off limbs here people.

the rust belt needs polished, gotta get some new paint. or something. seriously. youngstown was a ghost town when i lived there five years ago. i shudder at the thought.
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unhinged 'my daughter is moving to milwaukee because she thinks the rust_belt will be an exotic location for her to work on her art'

'oh well....i did write a lot of poetry and take a lot of photos when i lived there'

pretentious eastside motherfuckers. rust have to be fucking kidding me lady

'i'm not worried though. i know she'll end up back in seattle.'

i would sure fucking hope so
unhinged they are bulldozing my elementary school. Knocking it to the fucking ground because the republican city government mismanaged the school district into bankruptcy

austerity doesn't work
unhinged (and cleveland is officially rusty) 161030
unhinged the end of this video is exactly what i've felt my whole life...all the stuff that is gone or falling apart. that is our lives. ghosts of shit that used to be.

the urban planners call it blight
what's it to you?
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