djdown the intense feelings you can get when you are intently paying attention to nothing else but yourself. 980826
jeff a result of the mental masturbation we are encumbered with in day to day life. some people make more of a practice of it that others... most often noticed in fellow drivers. 980905
jake The piercing vocals of Geddy Lee, the melodies of Alex Lifeson, and the precision of Neal Peart combine to form one of the best bands ever. 990203
Zoe what everyone does. they all rush about from one thing to another. how is anyone supposed to rest. look at and smell the rosses for once in your life. it will do you good. 000717
Wayne this seems to be me lately
not having anything much real to do
forced by others to look for work
make myself productive
make money

but i don't want to

just madly rushing in circles now
inner mind-circles

i hate this rat race
i'll delay entering it as long as i can

so why do i still not have the time to really enjoy life?
silentbob the feeling i got while being half awake and half asleep and becoming conscious to realize you were still in my arms. 001107
sheryl rushing through the grocery store
rushing through the streets
rushing to put on my blue jeans and t-shirt
no time for breakfast
grab 5 bucks for lunch
don't worry about your hair
if I leave now I'll make it just in time
always some place to go
something to do
hurry up you're late late late
rush rush rush
it gives me a high
Casey The feeling you get when you realize you've found the person with whom you will spend the rest or your life. 011006
your basic girl rush to change your clothes rush to the store rush to answer the door rush to the bank rush to bed to get up and do it all over again gives me a head ache 020118
ClairE It's all my fault, eh? 020118
freakizh woo woo

la villa strangiato.
closer to the heart.

i love geddy!
no reason a word that obviously has many different meanings. and a band that reminds me of my ex-boyfriend because he loves them. i never liked them. 020122
Bizzar What is everyone rushing for? Was there some news announcement of a giant prize for whoever gets through their life in the fastest time? Damnit. 030604
User24 bizzar, you are quite right in what you portray; everyone is in a rush, myself included, it's because of comparision. oh, and other people. 030901
white_waver has to be the best rock band to come out of Canada :) 040411
rush has to be the best rock band to come out of Canada :) 040411
ever dumbening i try to make them the first album i put on as soon as i get the stereo set up in any new apartment.

power windows tonight.

"sometimes are big splashes are just ripples in the pool"

at _home_
ever non proofreadening omg i'm stupid.
"are" does not equal "our"
what's it to you?
who go