birdmad bites hard 010716
grendel its the teeth, i'm telling you the gear teeth catching and tearing it really is, it'll rip my arm off if i try to make it stop

oh it's all so mechanical sometimes
silentbob complain. 010823
Casey I refuse to follow one, they drive me up the wall 010902
click i hate checkups. 020521
docrivs ridiculous routine

Iím repeating
the circle
the cycle
itís started again
and I donít know how to stop it
from happening again
I chase
I push
I repel
she runs
she leaves
she doesnít return
I have much to do
but I donít do it
I donít do anything
but pine, long
sulk, and sink
fall, and grow weaker,
more pitiful
this trick doesnít really work
this routine is hackwork
this behavior is completely ineffective
and ridiculous
pete intellectually we live linearly. in day to day reality we are really in a cyclical self-referential world 070114
no reason you need to be better at handling disruptions
adaptability can make things a lot easier
what's it to you?
who go