Quintessensual the product of two close rose bushes before it develops rose hips 991018
trakie jennie curled tightly in a ball before she realizes her potential and unfruls to be even more beautiful than she possibly imagined. 991019
erin a sled
and a jackbassalope
*Ziima* Citizen Kane's childhood. It was ashes after society took hold. 010224
aimee Man Charles Kane was freaky! He had all that stuff, that scary face, the annoying wife, but yet he's sitting there thinking about his childhood... kinda makes you wonder if he was a pedophile. 010225
Butterfly Collector I shall treat the remark above with the contempt it deserves. The world has become a sad place if you can't long even long for your childhood without being considered a paedophile.

Yeah, I relaise it porbably was just a joke, but it wasn't funny.
Butterfly Collector Curse my crappy fingers which mess all my spellings up 010815
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