splinken this is what i did today:

i woke up.

i drove to school.

i took my italian 201 final.

i drove home.

i slept for three hours.

i woke up.

i listened to that "stan" song over and over. i don't know why i did this.

i read up on some rock stars.

vanity, vanity. i could type about myself forever. this entry could be pages long.
silentbob Kill 001212
She I wont to be like a rockstar, but not.

Live Fast,
Have everything that makes me happy and
Die Young, because once you have it all what's the point?
She goofed ~want 021012
unhinged i love them so much that it's killing me. 021012
god there are no rockstars in wv 040924
stork daddy don't drink more than two in a sitting! 040924
god shit. it's hard to be around it. i git tha shakes. it'll take a coupla days i guess. 040924
from now on rockskites 041104
what's it to you?
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