frippy The city is mobilizing
People won't stand for it anymore
They will let their voices be heard
They are marching in the streets
They hold nothing sacred, the storefronts are desecrated and the lines of trees are affronted.
Has the revolution begun?
No, the school's basketball team made it to the final four.
neville Sometimes I know this person watches me
waiting for me to slip
and give myself away
in some small detail
like Charles Manson
when he heard John
Lennon say "riot"
in the ninth
daxle I saw a man get the beat down
Took his money and his wallet left him dead on the ground
I saw them gather celebrate the crime
Teaching us the laughter another lesson of mankind
I raise my hand I got another question
If I start a riot...will I get protection?
Cause I'm a kid who's got a lotta problems
If i throw a brick maybe the brick will go and solve them

Oh...yeah...i wanna riot
Oh...yeah...i wanna riot

I'm boilin up the city's on heat
Red alert tention you know its on the street
Code blue the city of the dead
Sirens in the night with the lights bloody red
See how we do this see how we ride
Throw a brick, light the fuse, dodge a bullet, duck inside
A statistic hammered on my brain
Branded with a number another pawn in the game

Oh...yeah...i wanna riot

In front of me the misery
Cryin in line and dying burning debris
My face is burning, burning so quick
Burning like a candle at the end of its wick
Well i turn the dial i turn the channel
I turn it to a monster fighting the eternal battle
I need some help and there is no doubt
If i'm gonna go down i'm gonna take somebody out

Oh, yeah, i wanna riot
chanaka i caused a riot and i didn't know it
that is the worst feeling
in the pit of my stomach
thousands of teeth gnawing away
and to know that i was the cause....
silentbob Rioting - the unbeatable high
Adrenalin shoots your nerves to the sky
Everyone knows this town is gonna blow
And it's all gonna blow right now...

Now you can smash all the windows that you want
All you need are some friends and a rock
Throwing a brick never felt so damn good
Smash some more glass
Scream with a laugh
And wallow with the crowd
Watch them kicking peoples' ass

But you get to the place
Where the real slavedrivers live
It's walled off by the riot squad
Aiming guns right at your head
So you turn right around
And play right into their hands
And set your own neighbourhood
Burning to the ground instead

Riot - the unbeatable high
Riot - shoots your nerves to the sky
Riot - playing into their hands
Tomorrow you're homeless
Tonight it's a blast

Get your kicks in quick
They're callin' the National Guard
Now could be your only chance
To torch a police car

Climb the roof, kick the siren in
And jump and yelp for joy
Quickly - dive back in the crowd
Slip away, now don't get caught

Let's loot the spiffy Hi-Fi Store
Grab as much as you can hold
Pray your arms won't fall off
Here comes the owner with a gun


The barricades spring up from nowhere
Cops in helmets line the lines
Shotguns prod into your bellies
The trigger fingers want an excuse

The raging mob has lost its nerve
There's more of us but who goes first
No one dares to cross the line
The cops know that they've won

It's all over but not quite
The pigs have just begun to fight
They club your heads, kick your teeth
Police can riot all they please


Tomorrow you're homeless
Tonight it's a blast

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