dallas As I waddle through a large pool of fire, and look out across the crowd, oohing and aahing, a single tear forms at the edge of my eye and then drops, falling hundreds of feet to shatter on the net designed to protect me from my own destiny.
miniver "Agricola, discerning that those little targets and unwieldy glaives ill pointed would soon become ridiculous against the thrust and close, commanded three Batavian cohorts...to draw up and come to handy strokes." 990801
gwyllynnethecaffeinated El sanwich esta se riendo al gato un le mesa? 000718
somebody a sandwich laughing at a cat..
that is quite ridiculous
nocturnal so many ridiculous people in this world. how do they all manage to find their way to me? every last one of them, I swear. they somehow hunt me down and become my friend. coincidence? you be the judge. 010312
johnny west Am I ridiculous? 010312
nocturnal of course you are! but you're awesome all at the same time. you make me laugh more than anyone else in this place. it's so great. 010312
johnny west I didn't expect that.
I'd give you a crazy hug if I could.
nocturnal it's the thought that counts. appreciate the thought big j. 010312
johnny west Here's something you might find interesting: stupidpunkgirl says she wants to marry me. 010312
nocturnal I saw that. fits perfectly under this category of ridiculous I must say. no offense or nothin. you know what I mean. 010312
johnny west Uh-huh. I'm just curious what reasons she'll give...if I can ever get her to answer me, that is. Wouldn't this be somethin'?

JW: So, er, what's this thing about you and me gettin' hitched?

SPG: ...

JW: C'mon! I can't marry someone without a reason! WHATISIT?!

SPG: I'm messing with your head.

JW: ...What?

SPG: You heard me. I got your hopes up for nothing.

JW: (weeping hysterically) Just when I thought somebody cared! Fuckin' shitsticks!

SPG: (overcome by evil laughter)
nocturnal fuckin shitsticks. I like that. mind if I use it? oh, and that would be rather cruel of her to do something like that. I got yer back, man. if she messes with you, she's messin with me. and she does not wanna do that! 010312
johnny west You can use "fuckin' shitsticks" as much as you like. I'm just wonderin'...my craziness can't be that magnetic, can it? It's just absurd blathering taken to the limit. Then again, as long as you've got my back, I'm ready for anything! 010312
johnny west If you're still awake, see gotta_sleep_sleep_sleep in red blather. Or, if you're asleep, sleep tight...
I will float into your subconcious and send you goodnight wishes ever so sexy...and thanks for talking to me (in the weird blather kinda way). I can't believe I'm makin' friends here already! It hasn't even been a week! I tell ya, it's all.....
:::head falls forward onto keyboard:::
Tank i am now starting to get a trifle pissed off with this whole situation...

somehow it seems highly unfair for you to be taking your anger out on me because i am being the person i said i was...

since last november i have been telling you i was leaving in may. now that has become a reality for you, for us both, and you are angry at me...

you are angry at me because you didn't believe i would do it. you are angry at me because you didn't believe in me...

that hurts and to be honest, fuck you.
Dafremen I'm a pretty little tinky tinky toodle.
I've got a fuzzy little dinky dinky poodle.
And all the cheese I eat is stinky stinky oodles.
Which is why they say I'm off my tinky noodle.
nocturnal everything, and I mean EVERYTHING going on with me right now seems absolutely ridiculous. and NO ONE will tell me why any of it is happening. I'd be willing to go so far as to say that my life right now is not only ridiculous, but ridonkulous. I only wish someone would explain, then maybe I'll have a chance to avoid wearing that damn straitjacket again. just tell me what's going on here people. I'm begging you all, puhleazzz!!!
:::begins to twitch and giggle:::
nocturnal ya know what's ridiculous?! I just found out a few days ago that I had mono. It's pretty much gone, but I'm not supposed to drink. it's fucking summer, people! if my liver's strong enough to have made it this far, through all the shit I've done, I think it's strong enough to take it. especially since the mono's practically gone anyway. fuck everything! 010526
ClairE Don't say that to me, dude! 011219
god chick chick chicken 030616
Syrope how excited you are
when you know he doesn't mean anything to you
you're making a mockery of all things femininely sincere

i'm still jealous
somebody I_am. 070222
. i am what i am.
. It's RIDICULOUS that so many people keep spelling it REDICULOUS! GAAAHHHHH!! 070812
. who cares i can read both of them the same, what are you on? 070812
. Because one is correct, and one isn't.

Whether it seems particularly important to you or not, this is a reflection upon your character, especially when dealing with potential employers. "I can't or won't be bothered to pay attention to small, SIMPLE details," things like this say to them, "so there's just no chance in hell that I'm going to be bothered to pay attention to larger, IMPORTANT details when doing my job."

It seems trivial to you, but it is also exactly what makes your resume' a trivial chuck into the trash.

That, and it just grates my nerves.
CONTENT hee hee !


Who told you what is correct and what isn't then ?
a book, a teacher ?

why don't you teach your self something for a change ?

who the hell would want to be employed by someone that doesn't ask the simplest of questions?

Just because i make a spelling mistake does NOT mean that i have got my priorities in the wrong place, i know what is wrong in the world and it is people like you that have got their head up their own arse.

I know what perspective is and it is NOT judging someone for a small spelling mistake. YOU are too busy studying business and celebrating the real stuff in life like people dieing from not having clean water. You only have that much money because you don't share it, you prefer to watch people suffer and die whether thay are on your door step or not.

You will NOT make me angry because you want to, my sadness for the world takes over any anger that i might have.

The reason why i don't have a job is because i am EMOTIONAL that people like YOU are so selfish with the capital you were GIVEN (to make your business possible), I will not be your SLAVE if you are going to keep your money in your pocket whilst less lucky people are dieing for simple reasons.

Your CASH is not the miracle of life itself, it is NOT a flower that you cease to recognise. Are you alive or not ?

Then i don't want your FUCKING job whether I spell the word RIDICULOUS right or not, you know why?
because you are a selfish MOTHER FUCKER.
dosquatch HA! Hoo, boy, do you have me pegged wrong. You're so far off it's not even worth trying to set you back right. Look, believe whatever you want about me. I don't care.

I don't have a job to offer, whether you would accept it or not. I am not the evil capitalist control freak you are looking for. In fact, left to my own, I'm about the most hippy-dippy type B personality you're gonna find.
CONTENT well thats good, but to be honest i wasn't directing it at you, i was directing it on a general level, to the fucked up world, a world that treats children like shit for getting their spelling wrong rather than putting their energy into finding more food for children that don't even have a pencil. 070812
dos You seem like a sincere person in this respect, so I'm going to give you a little advice that has saved me a LOT of heartache in my life.

Put your core beliefs into three categories: the way things are, the way things should be, and all the crap in between to get from one to the other.

You're speaking of the way things should be, and ranting against the way things are. Both are commendable.

Here's something to add to "the way things are" - the world is a machine. (welcome, my son, welcome to the machine) To *change* the machine, you must be *part* of the machine. That means doing some of that crap in between that you might not like.

That stuff, though, is just what you do, it is not who you are.

It's the Calvin_and_Hobbes philosophy: "I don't need to compromise my principles, because they don't have the slightest bearing on what happens to me."
Otto Weblink http://picayune.uclick.com/comics/ch/1990/ch901020.gif 070812
i don't understand you, what do you mean?
are you saying that i need to make sacrifices to help make the world a better place?

The thing is, what is a sacrifice when actually i have nothing but these words, i get a bit frustrated when thinking where to start on my own. Traveling to Africa to help build a well, what difference is that going to make? building one well? i know it is better than nothing but i still feel like i am chasing my own tail, whilst in the mean time the rest of the world is continuing to distroy, kill each other and be completely selfish.

If you have any compassion you will know what it is to feel trapped, with no clue of how to help people the way you want to.

dos, can you explain to me what you were talking about ?
in a silent way a lawyer in this city is trying to raise $250,000 to erect a fifteen-story-high canadian flag downtown, to serve as a "beacon". a quarter of a million dollars. for a flag. think of how much that money could do to, oh, i don't know, feed and provide shelter for the homeless. but no. let's spend it on a fucking flag instead.

what's it to you?
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