Doing what used to be cool because you're too lame to do something new.

Also, doing something that should have been done a long time ago, but that you were too lame to do then.
Alexander Beetle I was born in Texas, but we moved to Berlin before I was three. All I had to listen to were old tapes a friend of my folks' had made for them way back when in Munich. The Doobie Brothers, Alabama, Willie Nelson, the soundtrack to FM. Even when we moved here, I kept listening to them, because it was all I knew.

This stuff isn't retro for me. Shit, most of it still smells new. My musical tastes lag by about 5 years now, not helped at all by periodic poverty, but are catching up. I only just got BFF's first CD, if that gives you any idea at all.
pat sajak ...
adam lesbian is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, im a lesbian" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 010517
god vigin! 011225
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