Quintessensual Why do so many who blathe leave no e-mail address or only a fake one?

That is like using a public restroom in a strange place. You go in, leave some of you behind, leave, and nobody has the slightest idea who you are.

But there are two important differences between the blathe site and a public restroom in a strange place. Here the whole world can see what you leave and somebody just might want to communicate with you about it.

Why should anyone who blathes not want to leave a working e-mail address? What a person blathes or why they blathe the way they do might interest somebody. Perhaps another wants to praise the blathing, or ask why, or offer some solace or advice if the blathing seems to be asking for that, or whatever. It makes no sense that communication and community, which blathing inherently inspires, should be cut off by some - indeed, it seems, by most - who blathe.

If for some reason a blather wishes to remain anonymous, that is possible without cutting off communication from others. Other blathers and non-blathing visitors, of which there is a sizable number. E-mail addresses that effectively preserve anonymity are easily available without cost through yahoo, hotmail, operamail, or any of at least a hundred other services.

So, come on, the blathe site deserves more respect than to be treated like a public restroom in a strange place and blathers should have more self-confidence and self-respect than to cut themselves off from the communication that their very public contributions, especially when they are good, do provoke.

So, come on, when you blathe, always leave a real e-mail address at which you can be reached, even if you remain anonymous.
Wes! i step into the restroom of my work .. the wall has many writings one it .. but something catches my attention more than the others...
-Kristen & I had sex in here!
-So did I!!!
-Does masturbation count?
troy Yes Wes; -masturbation in a restroom DOES indeed count as sex (especially if someone's watching you over the top of the stall-wall *OR* if they are watching you do it while they are standing next to you at the urinal also doing it.
It's a bizarre World 4sure!..
Mandijabster Going into restrooms with Dirty Becky is fun. I mean, we're not talking about going in and into our designated stalls people...we're talking..IN THE SAME STALL! That's some high quality action right there. Becky putting her hands on the wall just encouraged me to bang the door and make obscene noises. You know the janitor wanted to hear that. Even if we couldn't control our laughter for a was an amusing, when we get THREE people in there...WATCH OUT! WOW! God it's fun babbling! 031007
ferret you're right man, i'm going to start leaving signs attatched to my excrement saying "ferret was here" 031007
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