Princess Lola are you? 030712
the mad bird in furnace-black feathers and eyes turning green 030712
screwing for virginity i like to think i am 030911
misstree only on tuesdays. 030911
realistic optimist lately, due to the help of a couple of kindred spirits, i have been! 030911
eyedream Did someone read my eyedreamism_v or is this just a weird coincidence? 030911
endless desire no. i'm sure they read it.
we all wait on the edge of our seats
for the next.
i was hoping to come here
and find out what i means.

has a poor vocabulary.
celestias shadow I, I came here today
I left here in darkness
And found you
Found you on the way
And now
It is silver and silent
It is silver and cold
You in somber resplendence
I hold

Your sins into me
Oh my beatiful one
Your sins into me
Every wonderous voice escapes
our trembling prayer
And I beg for forgiveness
Your sins into me
Your sins into me
Oh my beautiful one
celestias shadow jesus christ. I really suck at spelling when I'm tired. 031116
what's it to you?
who go