In_Bloom Yes, that's what it is
As I lay still
Trying to fool with my breathing
Fooling no one
I feel a story wafting off your skin
There aren't any pictures but something there is speaking
To me, I have tested it to know
I've asked that much of the damp sheets
Hope beckons to my stamina
unhinged connection

if you play it just right, old things will still be ringing at the beginning of new things.

when i chant, my lips vibrate with the sound. tingled, like buzzing my lips together. there is a deep resonance that goes all the way into my chest. it loosens things that are not supposed to be there and strengthens things that are just where they are supposed to be.
Ouroboros Yup, chanting gets my brain buzzing in that special way, as does holding my quartz cluster in both hands, as does moontribe dj's music, as does the right food at the right time. 091119
unhinged when i first started practicing, something about sitting and trying to still my mind was very unappealing. so since sound has always had an obvious resonance with me, i chanted instead.

the classes i've been taking at the meditation center have really helped me. i always thought if my mind drifted in meditation i was doing something wrong...i know right, well duh. but still...coming from a catholic/christian family didn't prepare me very well for the idea that i have inherent goodness in me that i can find anytime anywhere.

i used to hate it when people told me i had to learn to love myself first. but being gentle with myself has made all the difference.

sometimes my more perceptive students say 'it tickles me' when they hold their violin correctly and especially when they play on their lower strings. i look at them and smile 'it's supposed to do that'
ergo Ideas that resonate tickle my fancy. 091120
unhinged i know i'm old
because i am beginning to see
the bigger circles in my life
h|s|g it's supposed to do that 100902
what's it to you?
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