hsg as_a_young_lad i often questioned, "is it better to read a different book or the same one again and get a different message out of it?" Mostly my conclusion has been to read another book so i'd better be able to see things differently..

I've always hated re_runs they struck me as a waste of time. to not grow, etc. But, to read ten books or travel a dozen lands and still only see what you want or to be stuck in one's same mindset or disposition.. it's a rerun_in_disguise the closed_mind is a rerun.


I've been watching copious amounts of MacGyver lately.. making sure to get my RDA_of_RDA ...the writers of thi s how you can see many levels into things.. there are messages_upon_messages as_if the storyline and execution are MacGyverisms themselves. it's_the_little_things and the big_picture, the dance between the two. if you watch softly.. hi s words are not just a delay for something to explo de tonate or fall or disarm but he approache t h e arts of men.. he at acted it fro M Ac G eniu s en t angle meant every moment of it. there is more to it.. archetypes..
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