splinken it's become quite clear to me that i need to renovate. and re-build. starting with my body. ending with my family.

how does one go about building a better molly?
caveman there's something in my mind
the picture's not quite refined enough to see those faces glancing back at me.
further, into regression, this addiction's not dead yet.
Life is so unreal, they're shouting in my dreams.
From every corner, no more empty spaces,no longer able to hide behind these eyes
Carefull what you wish fore, you just may get it
in the end I spoke to soon
me renovation is ripping down something old and putting up something new. Unfortunatly, the old thing doesn't always need to be torn down. And sometimes the process is painful and difficult. Sometimes you get off the phone with your best friend and find out that your life has been renovated for you and against your will. 050118
phil First we need to take out all the sad parts. Just to get started.
Searching for signs that may lead us back to the problems.
Add some new pipes then check circuit breakers and connectivity.
Repair roofing.
Study similar structures and create an architectural model, creating a more comfortable and economical space.
.fallen it is necessary to follow through with this renovation, see the foundation is more than a little cracked, the roof leaks, it is more than just cosmetic damage. for goodness sake! somebody get the construction team on call.... might as well just bring it all down then build it back up 050624
misstree the house isn't even rebuilt yet
and the termites are tying napkins 'round their necks
and drooling
what's it to you?
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