Sonya Once known as the eccentric stubborn girl who was too small to handle life's struggles, she has been renewed. It took several murders of her heart, but she has now been renewed. The warm blanket of hope has once again wrapped itself around her shivering petite body and given her the comfort she needs to walk onward down this new path. She has looked back at the path she once shared with another many times, but she can only look forward as she treads slowly, but with confidence.

The spirit that once permeated her dark brown eyes had died, but it has since been reborn. There is no permanent death here, only a cycle of new beginnings and new hopes. The lessons learned shall never leave her mind, and armed with them she will be able to combat anything that would harm her future. Her hands have been soiled with lust, agony, and loss, but they are now cradled by friendship, bravery, and humor. She cannot wash her hands of all that has been, or all that has formed who she is, but she can always hold on to what keeps her alive in this world, in this era, in this bodily form.

As she lays back in the sand and stares up at the stars, she realizes that they still watch her earnestly. She slowly whispers, "The renewal has only begun."
distorted tendencies Once more.. the cycle begins. This time, I have a feeling it will lead to new and better things.. A pure hedonism. 020320
distorted tendencies and again and again, always a renewal. 021229
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