hoodrat i regret that I have let so many things pass by without notice. so many people, so many experiences, so much life. 010405
Aimee I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I wanted to be perfect. I thought I could do it. I can't though. I can only be me.. I'm damaged though. I'm so sorry.. I just wanted you to see me as wonderful.. witty.. confident.. perfect. I just can't do it. My 5 months is up. 010723
discretion Remorse ... we feel it every instant of our existence. The need to say I'm sorry, yet the desire to fight that necessity. Such a controversial word ... without remorse, the world would be cold and bitter and impersonable, with remorse comes hate and tears and agony. What is better ... to have a world that can suffer or to have one stoic to all pains and agonies? The happy always have pains, while those who have distanced themselves from the world know no pains. Which, my friends, is better? 011120
helpless that isn't true there is always pain
if you loved somebody
.fallen in order to feel remorse does that mean you must have regrets?

hmmm.... certain life paths leave no room for regrets ....


these words mean nothing
unhinged i have a bunch of it for all the people i wasted my life on. the wall i built because of those people.

for the overwhelming sadness i almost didn't live through because i forgot about the people that honestly cared about and loved me.

i shouldn't be counting the people that love me like i count money. i am lucky enough to have any at all.

'you know you're down when
you count the friends you have
but you only use one hand'

yeah, well....
at least i have one person to call that actually cares when all you stupid motherfuckers have left me in the dirt for what you can't get out of me anymore.

'even nice people have a breaking point'
. . 050109
kudos i seek koalas upon this joint 050225
blue_j I have never felt this more in my life than now
Heartbreaking to know that
Never, never, never
Will I find someone again
That will love me as much
As I love them
Want me as much
As I want them
Care as much
As I care
Want to watch me sleep
As much as I want to watch them
Want to hold me
As much as I want to hold them
To let go and lose definitely
And then realize exactly what it is you're missing out on
f_a Let's exchange naughty for cold, heartless bitch.
This may come back to haunt me.
Let god know I took note, don't send someone else my way to tell me about the virgin Mary, you're a little too obvious. Maybe that's good.
vooltan Chumpy’s Remorse is a quaint soup dungeon. The finest of musty basement beer bars. Find it before it finds youI speak from inexperience. The soup of the day is Chump Chowder, and the secret ingredient is Datura. Good luck 180506
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