phil Oh god, how I wish I could take back what I've done. Everytime I think about it, it makes my stomach turn. Help me make it go away, let me delete blather entirely. Oh god, the things that I can't say outloud. I simply can't do it, I can't say them, they are bottled up, I could almost say them, they are so close, so sayable, but so impossible. Wreck. I have to do it, every moment of everyday, I want it to be, not even you can help. 020212
sabbie no regrets.
not today!

but no regrets ever. its such a waste of energy. you cant go back. you cant change what you did, why spend all that time agonising over it.

i stand by the fact that all my actions ever were the right thing to do at the time for me and if i look back now and say 'well, i prolly wouldnt have done that the same way this day' that is becuase i am a different person than the sab who did the things she did back then.

my choices today might be different but i wasnt making those choices today. i made them yesterday when i did what i did because i needed to do it.

no regrets. not today
no regrets. not ever
misstree all the times i did, and all the times i didn't. and all the things i did and didn't with you, and you, and you... if i could have you here, in my hands like a baby bird for just a moment, i would lay a gentle breath upon you and you would know why, and it would all be set to peace. 020212
jane cheating on the church history final.

that was 3 days ago, and they put me on probation for next year today

plus a 0 on the final
MsChitChat the whole ncssm thing...and mom finding the note about jeremy...those two things still make me feel like i can't breathe, like i'm seriously dying inside 020608
hey now! imdrunk. i really shouldnt have smoked that weed just then,
man i feel sick now
phil what was the note about? 020709
jane see: nietzsche.

maybe doesn't seem that bad, but it's one of those ones i held onto for some reason.
FA113N The things that my hands have done. 121212
what's it to you?
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