unhinged the sun always shines brighter
in memory
making your eyes
shine like diamonds
on the backs of
my eyelids
the way you laughed without sound
bouncing against
the arms of my heart
i had neatly wrapped around
without recogintion
the way i didn't notice
the nonexistent curve
of your hip
or the softness of the curve in your elbow
when you held me
as we danced
it felt like a dirty blanket
to be back in your arms
but the shine of your eyes
obscured the stains
i could always forget
when i heard your heart beat
if you called me tomorrow
you know i would answer
to have one more chance
to smell you clean
my heart stopped
if i could melt into you
with you always
call tomorrow
i want to see the diamond shine
of your eyes
mahayana caught
and practically held in check
in the upper strata of your atmosphere
what's it to you?
who go