Zane Look at her
She is the picture of lesbian lust
Eat her with a spoon
misstree always being accused
of being firey-tempered
to match their hair...

no one understands
it's just caused by
sugar and lust.

i dye mine,
and no one notices.
even when it's faded
back to dishwater blonde
with only the slightest coppery tinge,
people still call me a redhead.

maybe i smell like sugar and lust.
shinya onaa I know what you mean.. At the gathering at one point all the red heads at the main fire took over and came out of the crowd and danced around the fire . 000815
shinya onna I Like my hair red , I like my walls red. I like my red light bulbs. My red hat, my red clothes, I like my food red. It ALL must be red. The red rain queen, its beyond obsession its beyond fetish.. Its passionatley neurotic. 000816
emmi i like my cup that says "strawbeary blondes" and has bears and hearts on it. i drink coffee from it every morning.

i'm not sure i like my red hair anymore though. i was told that gentlemen prefer blondes
love & hate i am in love with one. She is fiery sexy and sensual. 040506
mouse I'm in love with a red head. Most of the year i have to spend without him, but the second i'm in his arms the pain of missing him disappears. all we have is that moment.

and that moment is flawless
Xeneth Sounds farmiliar... 051018
dozyn2 She holds my heart and tortures my soul
Love lasts forever, but my patience does not
Holding me in her arms I forget all wrongs
Ignoring me again I remember why I hate
So rare but so predictable I love her still
True red she is, and pure pain she brings
Fire is what she is
what's it to you?
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