pinkish Mouthy vegas bother me.

I like red meat, I like it rare and bloody.

pinkish mouthy VEGANS

holy shit I can't type, think, or spell.
Casey I hate you milkman dan! 010422
sweetheart of the song tra bong I love Casey for hating milkman dan 030520
pobodys nerfect I don't eat it, but I don't bother people who do, as long as they leave me alone.
Something I've noticed since no longer eating it--I went through different stages as far as the smell of it goes. At first it was really tempting(odd considering I gave it up because I didn't like the taste!);then I didn't care about the smell;and now it really bothers me. The smell of hamburgers are the worst. I don't want to be mean though, so I just suffer in silence and leave the room. :(
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