birdmad it's been awhile since i've done any cultivation in the scar_garden,

since i've taken the razor till to the fertile forearm plain

the sticky red petals as they flow

but the seed is always growing
unhinged out of all the past flowers, it was the first one to bleed. it fascinated me. ever since, i have wanted to watch it flow. i placed my wrist to my mouth and licked it clean. 010128
MollyCule hate to say it but i rather miss the feeling

last time was with a butter knife in the bathroom at denny's. and that was in December. the feeling of scraping skin off, layer by layer, having control of a body that's betrayed me more times than i can count . . . and now i'm left with raw red holes in my wrist, make me feel crucified

it never hurt enough
jane spread across each one of my knuckles (except the littlest ones)in the shower

man, that razor can feel good
log burnnig fire good thing your body stops the bleeding. don't you think it's telling you something about forgiveness? 020814
stork daddy or distrust? or disagreement? 020814
stork daddy just keep doing it for the opiates your body provides under the assumption you need them. and maybe you do. what's the difference between a hunger and a craving? 020814
jane the_string_between_hunger_and_craving 020814
sixfingers i turned to tattoos.. for that natural opiate high.. they hide the scars of my old habits too.. 030103
three words realer until_summer red_liquid_blossom 091231
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