they only kill their Masters not that anyone cares but i had the thought that we are IN a BLACK HOLE well it could be true
because of gravity
what does gravity do? pulls you to the earth.
Okay, so what does a black hole do? It sucks everything into it and nothing can escape.

Scary, right? Could be, and everytime we send an astro super special dude or crew into outer space we're really sending them to the top of the black hole but we don't realize it yet.

Universes sucked inside of black holes.

what does it mean? i have no fucking clue.
misstree there is one place that keeps track of the things that Really Truly Happened. never ever question it. it is all that keeps me "sane." 040328
Lemon_Soda Well, reality is what YOU think. Madness is what everyone ELSE thinks. 040329
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