the oneders is it wrong? i enjoy the pages but don't always feel i have much to add to them. 031010
Lemon_Soda Read.

Read AS MUCH as you can.

Never stop.

I promise, you won't be sorry.

As for your own words, wait until they bubble up and out of your brain in a torrent uncontrolable. Snatch up the closest implement of marking and scrawl on any surface you can those words from inside, before they disappear.

Then edit and post.

endless desire edit a poem?
i don't believe in editing poems.
except maybe spelling mistakes.
but even those tell you something about the writer's state of mind.
. . .or maybe just their intelligence. :)
Death of a Rose Phasing in my head, tricking me into believing in not being able to write.

pssstt.....I don't believe them.
what's it to you?
who go