larla can make things better or make things worse. it depends.
i feel crappy about it.
i felt crappy ignoring it too.
gaudior why be rational? it really only makes you depressed because you're stuck thinking of things as they are rather than as they could or should or might be. 000917
sarpedon I see you haven't met my friend Rationality. Keeps me inline, shows me when my emotions are full of shit and when they are genuine. Has failed me recently though, but the new Rationality 2.0 upgrade now seems to fix a lot of the problems I've been having.

The Dreaming function is still in beta, but it often takes over before the Rationality program kicks in. I like the current balance they exhibit, so we'll have a round of testing before they both go into full production.

But fixes are always welcome, and bug reports are easy to fill out. Anytime you have a conversation with me, you can comment on the current interactions of my functions. I'm always looking for improvement.

Not for sale, however. You need to make them on your own. One size apparently does not fit all.

Note: Relationship function is still in very early alpha stages. Do not attempt any serious interaction.
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