User24 here I am on the bus
and I'm starting to cus
the people in the race
they got a space
in their head
and it's making them dead
they're like a rat in a maze
their life's a haze
nothing doing, no achievements
just appeasments
compromising themselves to please others
17 year old mothers
they don't knwo what this lfie is about
they just scream and they shout
and they dig and scrabble
this rabble
called humanity is failing
yes, it's health is ailing
and where's the salvation?
in this, our united nation.
and so forth... it's on the papers; they say it again
A million 19 year old 'men'
but the minds are so numb
and the voices are dumb
we've seen it before
and everyone knows the score
the masses follow like sheep
who do we hate this week?
iraq, iran,
hitler, saddam?

A country so wrapped in itself
amassing it's wealth
A society so used to the bomb
that nothing can be wrong

I feel So bad
you know I had
A choice in this
but it's not worth piss

my vote was for labour
the party with flavour
Democracy in action!
my satisfaction?

age 21 - life support
he never fought
he just bought
into the hype
and the tripe
and the crap
well it's coming back

I'm gonna stand, and I'm gonna say
that I don't agree
with your policy
of collateral damage
a country's ravaged
what have we gained?
Osama's not pained
he's recording vids
recruiting the kids
Saddam's not dead
oh sure, he's not the head
any more
(are you sure?)



axis of evil?
lies to the people
taxation, sexism
exploitation, racism
police brutality
punish the minority
c rap 030623
Dafremen see also: time_2_do_this 030623
more c rap 030623
User24 saying fuck you Mr C. better to stand and speak crap than sit and say nothing. 030623
c ya the difference between a wiseman and a fool is that a wiseman thinks a lot and says a little, and a fool thinks a little and says a lot 030623
User24 wise men make proverbs while fools repeat them 030623
C ome on and give us yer name o wise one? let he who judges be judged 030623
The Spork i've got an easier name for "c"

c oincidence? no! interesting, shit = crap, and there's plenty of that around here for me to rake 030623
spooky hmm, too many 2 year old re-appearances going on round blather these days... 030623
User24 a blather ignore button would come in handy.. 030623
Dafremen I have an adjustable filter built into my glasses... 030623
User24 you'll have to send me the number for that company (not the same people who did dog boot, is it?) 030624
Mandida The greatest rapper that walked this earth Tupac,.. a.k.a 2pac,.. Biggie was the best 2 don't underestimate,.. Peace 040330
coolerthanthou I'd rather listen to rap then Slipknot. 040529
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