iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl let the rambling begin!

do we have to discuss anything very serious in this or are we more inclined to spout random stuff? because i am better at the latter, but hey, we should all learn new skills.

i think i shall start with a suitably simple yet cliched question, one with which i can analyse the answer to a close degree and find out ALL your dark secrets! *grins*

how was your childhood?
e e 070806
empty blathes? err this blathe isnt empty...
how did it come up on the yesterday list of blathes when no one wrote anything on it yesterday?

explain please?
lookin a lil foolish now now that is terrifying. the 'e' blathe didnt show before......whats going on eh? this is trippy. 070807
Lemon_Soda My child hood was interesting. I'll get into it, but not right now. 070807
what's it to you?
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