p2 "Forever's a promise no love can survive"
- Syrope (i_am_so_dumped)
somebody it's always the quiet ones, isn't it? the perfect girls who never stopped hating themselves. - bluten
anorexic 031026
Syrope :) i was quoting lyrics from somewhere
i steal quotes from blather all the time, they go in my profile :)
p2 "If you were expecting to find intelligent people wanting to discuss intelligent things, then you are in the wrong place."
- dudeinanigloo (support_bush)
z "all surfaces reversals reflections and inflections of the nonsurface which is in itself the surface of everything
we are and are not

curving the visual path"

mon - 30630
z btw: constant_see_and_change 040714
once again There is nothing broken that cannot be mended, as long as love moves the soul.
~fyn gula

once again "what's up with your pants?
"what's down with yours?"
~no reason

once again "he had often said, "Vous et nul autre." and sometimes it had been right, but sometimes he had been saying it to a stranger, and sometimes he wished he had never found her, but he realized that in the whole world there really was no other, nothing other than this."
~ werewolf

once again "if i kissed you and could not make the world feel blessed that such things arise in it,
then there is nothing i could tell to the world, there is no way i could ever even for a moment not be trapped within myself. "

FYI did you know those are both the same person - in every sense of the phrase 040715
O_A I'm fairly sure there is only one sense of the phrase and yes. 040715
. someone quote me 040715
Deomis . -. 040715
once again "how can i forget to remember what i'm trying not to forget? "

(z) " it's playing in each day until the today_yesterday lurches and the canvas of noise blooms fresh. "

Misstree from: blather_time 040402
p2 "the tension mounts and the result is a little flag hanging out of the barrel
- daxle (what_could_happen_to_blather)
Syrope Persona:

"...but you don't need responses:
maybe a random blather struck someone as so profound they had a brain spasm and passed out, therefore losing the ability to type a reply"

cpgurrl ...you're like a muddy rainbow-
89z, are_you_black_or_white
p2 "Yet, there is this one nonconformist nonchalantist, she's the cutest nudist Buddhist flutist. When given hugs she shrugs."
- sameolme (petulantist)
Syrope I'll say, lately I just can't seem to be myself.. and myfriends only hate me for that, the don't seem to understand.. they just want someone "fun" and I can't be "fun" when I feel tired inside

p2 "Once Upon A TIme, The Invisible CLoud Guy said 'Whoomp! There it is!'

and there it was."

- Tostada al Sadr (post_your_entries_here)
once again "but most of my writing is only ever at the best an autobiography hiding behind a thin veil of fiction."

crowl (red)
red lurker number 714 "it had that certain lean-to look of architecture that was result of sloppy measuring, poor quality materials, and overall non-professionalism."

--cadeau (red)

yep, kev strikes again.
marked . 050116
p2 "no great meaning will ever exist. it will continue until it stops. then it will be over."

- zeke (unintelligent_design)
() () 051013
nom) "share like an idiot"
- phil, how_do_i_improve_my_life
meta meta 051213
u24 "i'll bet you had a little beautific smile on your face as you typed it, didnt you, thinking - this will make them think, and surely they'll see the Truth? my cunning little story will lead them to god.

you twat."
-sab but_first_a_question

actually laughed out loud.
nice one sab.
Syrope necessity is subjective
- jane, on "oxygen"
LB4U "Miss you, hate you, hope your okay..."

Lemon_Soda aka LS

u24 "The older and grumpier I get, the more I feel christianity should be diagnosable as a mild form of mental illness."
DannyH - the_atheists_challenge
z i appreciate that one too. 060501
rage scream-
he makes me want to scream every time he touches me..and i dont ever want him to stop

You are not your broken heart
You are not your knotted stomach
You are not the raw edges
of your broken self
You are beautiful

I'm shaking on the inside, u leave me here to die as i wait for your next touch.
Everytime you touch me i can feel it running through my body, almost like your inside...trying to free the way i know i really feel.

i want you, broken, flawed, scratching at the surface, like me. we'll be flawed together because in you there is beauty and in you i find grace. your look makes me cry, and my tears fall on broken hands, not ready to recieve, not ready to return, your love. but we will be together, two broken hearts, and we will be beautiful.
~my heart is open

he asked if i had any good dreams last night.
what if it feels like i have yet to wake up.

result of being under a landing moose
Emptyness Alive Alone~
alone is like depression. often they go hand in hand. for me its the ultimate enigma. its like a riddle i just cant figure out..its on the tip of my tongue but i just...cant.....say it.

i hate being alone. most times i think i could solve it myself but i cant do it. the worst part of being alone is when others say things like "gosh your so cute why arent girls all over you" "gosh your so sweet" "well your such a gentlemen" yes if only life were so simple. the people who say these things are either ignorant or fake and trying to get you to shut up.

i hate nobody in this world. but i hate being alone. hell im ready to cry right now. sometimes it feels like im walking through life when i should be running. like i cant catch up to everyone else. worse..it often feels like everyone doesnt care if i do catch up.

alone to me is walking or driving on or by the beach i live by...and wishing i had someone next to me to share it with.

alone is watching a couple fight and argue and wishing i at least had someone to fight and argue with.

alone is staring out your window on a rainy day and wishing lightening would crash down right there on the end of your nose and make it all go away.

alone is sitting here right now typing this with tears in my eyes wishing for change. i would say hope but i have negative views on hope.

some say people who are lonely or depressed are weak. i say stand in my shoes for 5 minutes and see how weak you are.

life is always a double edged blade. sometimes i wish the blade would finish me off instead of letting me waste away into this abyss of a hell hole we call life.

thank goodness for poetry. things like blather.

in my life i have few friends. i should consider myself blessed that my friends really are FRIENDS. but yet all are far away. all my dearest friends are online. just once id love to get a or give a REAL FUCKING HUG and not a :::::hug::: or xoxoxoxox.

i get tired of meeting the most amazing people but always so far away. worse yet is falling in love with someone far away. i dont know whats worse having nobody or having someone but you cannot hold them. you cannot touch them. smell them.
~ Mikey
oren Also see: blatherquotes. 060502
p2 "indeed - we shall call them 'sluts' and sneer... that should keep them tame. a woman who has experienced many a man might tell us where we fail ... even the devil prefers virgins ... he's no braver than the rest of us."
- superleni (slut)
- - 080929
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() ( "Scavengers may be the door to door broken light that darkens the heaviest loss, in seasons passing." Death of a rose from involuntary_sensory_signals ) 141230
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