dosquatch I gave up smoking this past Christmas. My little gift to me. I mean, really quit. Not nudge nudge wink wink quit, not been mostly good quit, flat out I haven't had one quit.

Until I had one.

I had a really bad day the other day. I mean, someone was really pounding on my "asshole" button. Long & short, I did slip and smoke one.

Err, part of one. It tasted so bad, I couldn't finish it. And I felt like total crap afterwards. Ugh. Any lingering desire was pretty completely quashed in that moment.

That surprised me. I mean, ciggies never exactly tasted good, but I truly wasn't prepared for how completely BAD it tasted.

But anyway, 7 months in, except for half a smoke last week, I've been clean. Food tastes better. I cough less. My car smells better. My clothes smell better. The nic stains are gone from my fingers. Insert your favorite quit smoking cliche here, it's probably true.

Anyway - no point, no sermon, no pressure to anyone else. Just wanted to plant my flag to chronicle the event.
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