andru235 1. Are you friends with someone named "Belinda" ?

2. Should we force Ptolemy to drop the P or the T, or perhaps both?

3. Just should we?

4. Do you ever feel like you are the only person in the world wearing combat boots, a tutu, scale mail and a sombrero?

5. I sure do.

6. If you could rename one month out of the year, which would it be, and why? Please don't tell me what you would name it, though. It's really none of my business. TMI! TMI! (Too much information!)

7. Do you own a salad shooter?

8. Do you ever use the salad shooter purposes?

9. If "yes" to #7 and "no" to #8, can I borrow the salad shooter next weekend?

10. If "yes" to #10, would you be mad if I reneged and decided not to borrow the salad shooter?

11. Does my reneging on #10 make me a renegade?


13. How is you finger feeling?

14. Does it hurty a wittle bitsy?

15. Do you like this questionnaire the same, more, or less than not_zo_ztimulating_questionz ? Don't tell me why, though, because I don't care at ALL. Although I am concerned about you. I've been worrying a lot about your finger, per your response to #13 and #14.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. If you feel that you have wasted your time, know that we are always justified in feeling what we feel. I, for instance, felt a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders after I finished typing up the questionnaire.

Have a super duper Wednesday next week, 'tay?
u24 1. no
2. neither
3. yes
4. no
5. oh well
6. march, don't like the sound of it.
7. a what?
8. -
9. no.
10. no.
11. no
12. no
13. fine
14. a little
15. can't remember zq's

thankyou, I'll try to.
what's it to you?
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