magicforest Has anyone ever emailed the address given on the front page? 040415
sab yup.
emailed into a blue void of nothingness

i think it's kind of like praying to god when i was little.
because i'm thinking he was pretty busy too
god never emailed me back
but god seems to me the kind of boy who never really mastered the hang of computers.

i'll be he has one, the lastest, up to date model, because he likes to look like he's With The Times, but i'm thinking that if god's maid wasn't so efficant, his computer would probably be gathering dust on his desk.

i think he probably sits in front of it occasionally, and optimistically turns it on, because he kind of feels like he should, but it whirs up for a bit and presents him with the desktop and he's never really sure what to do next
so after a while, he turns it off.
and goes to do some gardening
or pat the cat

god likes cats.
Hal heh heh 040416
not einstein god likes dice as well. 040416
meta meta 090616
minnesota_chris how many blatherskites thought about zelda here? 090616
silentbob i_just_lost_the_game 090617
j bobby, you JERK.

(in response to the original question... yes.)
what's it to you?
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