Question man whats this? 070620
friends call me keith you can call me john when doctor jimmy call mister jim on verizon 070620
blather proofread check calls 070620
rubydee did you mean quadrophenia?

fucking brilliant.
Question man no! i meant quadrophoneia 070621
Question man dammit 070621
:-D dammit what ?
oh !
no, cos your friends said said you was a player !
and you are, right ?
you make me clear the room out,
that was some party, so i want to party more if you don't tell me that that was wat you wanted.

i'll do a pillow fight though.
; where are the fireworks at the millenium dome then if you don't want to celebrate, thats fucked up, a spin around in a circle would makeup for it. 070621
yellow i didn't put the wine on the curtains, you should have been at the party you boring girl. 070621
mr song a word that means absolutely nothing. 070625
land wot fucking word is it ? 070625
what's it to you?
who go