Q Let There Be Silly Putty

In the beginning,
there was nothing,
when the Great Grain said
"Let there be silly putty."
And the universe arose to fill the void.

Then the Great One said
"Let there be some left for AdamEve,
and their billions of descendants to fill the firmament
once s/he splits,
the warring twain learn
there's such a thing as fun,
even though there seems quite a bit of void left,
become derepressed,
and 'come together, right now, over me.'"

Then, not a moment later in its scheme,
s/he proclaimed still further
"I've made their brains too small,
other parts of them maybe too easily excitable
(cf. Gray's Anatomy, 99th edition (1969), pp. 711 ff.),
their shallowness too ingrained,
and certain parts of their spectrum
susceptible to misuse in tubes for boobs.
They will pay their teachers too pitifully
little even for baby sitters,
and make way too many babies,
while turning themselves into culture
dishes for std microorganisms.
Even grains make mistakes.

"Forgive me, please,
I did leave some silly putty.
So the few of them who nonetheless can manage
will have spurs to see things
from their boredom
and substance to shape
their wildest imaginations.
This word 'eureka',
they figured out a microsecond yonder,
just after Pytahoras,
Aristotle, Plato, Socrates,
and Demosthenes
arose spontaneously from horse hairs,
dipped deeply into some sea,
will just not cut by itself.
They must be able to
knead, mold,
touch, press and push all over
every which way,
outside and in,
when eureka strikes."

Copr. 2000
Raina the physical personification of conformity.

I gotcha now

Let me mold you.
what's it to you?
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