jennifer Pussycat, pussycat
You're delicious
And if my wishes
Can all come true
I'll soon be kissing your
sweet little pussycat lips.

(That's all I remember)
derek mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...pussycat lips, especially without the cat in it! live can be so divine. 000619
silentbob i can't wait til you're slapped with a sexual harassment charge, or taken to the people's court for date-raping some chick, derek. 000619
derek hi again bob!
were you gangbanged by a herd of diseased male goats as a child? what a lot of anger-kinda-baggage you is hauling around there sweety...
silentbob i get fed up with men objectifying women. i see more of that than vice versa and it just gets old.

let me ask you about the women they fuck. do they have names? do they have faces? social security numbers? fears? desires? goals? insecurities? regrets? regrets about certain men they fuck? who fuck them? fuck them over out of what they think might just be a meaningful relationship?
or are they just pussycats to you.
daxle I submit to the blather judges article A as evidence of silentbob's tendency to jump on people for saying things they didn't really say 001122
crazychick that would be "exibit A"
silentbob ok, so derek never said he was a rapist, or a pedophile, or a psycho, or anything of that nature.
i just saw him as a horny dude and decided to yell at him
i stereotyped Horny Male as Horny And Dangerous Male because every blathe ive read by him is creepy and weird. Im sorry derek. no hard feelings?
whats the next article or exhibit or whatever
lovers lament hey, you guys really need to leave bob alone. he respects women, that's all. is that a crime? and maybe he had a problem with what derek was saying. the point of these pages is kinda to ascert how you feel isn't it? get over it. 001124
gwyllynne what's new pussycat?
oh woah oh woah oh woah
daxle if the point is to assert how you feel, that's just what I was doing too
and if we should lay off of him then you should lay off of us or lay off of whoever
and you seem to be taking this just as seriously as anyone, so you too can lighten up
there's nothing at all wrong with being pro feminism and I admire silentbob's propagandhian viewpoints
but there's such a thing as being so militant that you mind becomes completely closed
and exhibit is what I should have said, but couldn't think of, alas
lovers lament that's fine, daxle 001126
silentbob i love you all, lets all move in together, even derek and we can be taped and have a reality based room-mate relationship ala The Real World Waco, Texas! 001126
gwyllynne :::runs and hides in fear at SilentBob'd last comment:: 001126
Barrett I get the top bunk! 001126
crazychick i'll be the pretty black cat in the corner,
glaring wildly at the world
with my green-yellow eyes...

pheather you can pet my pussycat. you can feed her with your fingers in her mouth. she'll start purring and you can rest your head on her soft fur. i've got a sweet pussycat, and you are welcome to come by for a visit. 040502
silentbob a_street_cat_named_desire 040502
a thimble in time I'm pretty depressed.

I chased a cat away in order to save this little baby bird. In the process, I lost my cellphone. But who cares? I named the bird Lucky b/c I figured he was lucky to be alive and I went and bought a little cage for Lucky and then some baby bird food, which I had to hand feed to Lucky b/c Lucky wouldn't eat on his own. Unfortunately, Lucky was quite vocal, my roomates didn't like him. So I covered his cage and put him on our balcany after dinner. I went to bed and woke up really early the next morning. And guess what? Riiiiiigeeeeem Moooortiiiis.

So now I'm feeling really unlucky because I have no cellphone, a dead baby bird, and a lot of bird supplies that are absolutely useless.
notme :'( 040503
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