jennifer I have
and people stair
with their minds
and their
tweedle is the best color to have. 010102
MollyCule i just dyed mine black and purple not an hour ago.
daxle the summer before my senior year of high school I had the dreaded pictures taken and afterwards cut off about a foot of hair I had grown for glorious adam and dyed it bright and beautiful purple
I loved it to no end
stupidpunkgirl mine isn't purple, but blue and black
and it's at the stage where i dyed it recently enough to realize why people are staring. in a few more weeks i'll forget that i have blue hair and not notice the people as much. it seems to me that when i forget others will too, but i don't think it's the case.
No Bod - E I know a girl with purple hair. She is beautiful and regal like the color. She always seems to be happy and bright. Sometimes, I think that I don't deserve a friend like that but, then I remember how much I hate the shadows. 010208
jimi birdmad all in my brain 010209
Casey The store didn't have purple, I had to go with orange 010609
Toxic_Kisses I've dyed my hair diff shades of purple 12 times so far in my life.
Last time I did it I striped it w/ blue/ when it faded I had green and pink striped hair.
Other colors I've dyed my hair:
Many diff shades of pink
az well az purple
light blue/teal/blue/aqua ect.
meehhhh my boyfriends got purple pubes 011011
yummyC i miss my purple hair
to hide in the shallow
that hair possesses for me.
but its nice.
nemo my best friend just dyed her hair purple... my other friend just dyed her hair a colour other than purple for the first time in too long... 011128
anti-social butterfly awww. yummyC, i miss my purple hair too. i had to dye it brown so i could try to find a job. unfortunately there are basically no jobs in this town, so i have have brown hair and no job. this sucks! i want my purple hair back! 011128
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