misstree what a funny name for a grain product... 031201
pipedream going to go wrack her brains i've heard that word somewhere before...name of a flower? very close to it...aargh! 031201
Helicala One day, a baker created a concoction of bread, which was most exquisite of all breads. There was a boy, known as the "pumper", because of the way in which he moved his arms to churn butter. The boy came to the baker's store one day, offering his services in exchange for food. The baker would have sold it for a nickel, but he was kind and gave it to the poor "pumper" boy. And therfore it was named pumpernickel bread. 040102
dos mmmm, sweet chocolatey rye... so good hot and buttered :-) 080724
e_o_i I like the bounce of this word. Can't recall how the stuff tastes, though. 080725
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