monee i always thought of soldiers

war victims, raped women

kidnapped babies, bruised children

survivors of 'natural' disasters

images from a television

never me. no way.

no way.

not until recently.

i still doubt the possibility)
skyburst777 "nothing happened" 050609
nom it was weird yesterday, having a conversation with a friend and her friend, we were talking about ptsd, and my friend's friend said "none of us knows what it's like,...what someone with post traumatic stress is going through" and i didn't say anything, partly because i didn't want to upset my sister/anyone, partly cause i didn't want to upset myself. i really can't talk about some things sometimes, and it hurts, when i can't talk, and when people assume. it creates these seeming chasms,...i feel somehow so false, and everyone feels too far away. 070306
unhinged 'residents of high-poverty, high-crime areas are as or more likely to show the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder than veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the combination of being poor and living in a high-poverty, high-crime area add up to a dauntingly high barrier to escaping poverty.' - alan mallach 180815
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