birdmad sickening thud

no reason for it, just liked the phrase "sickening thud"

word or phrase gets stuck in the playback sectors of the mind, like some bizarre audio artifact on a tape.

making good time this morning, still felt like trying to run to the bus stop

slowly rebuilding levels of cardio capacity i've not had since i was young.

no bottom-dump trucks ferrying loads of loose dirt to choke me along the path

won't be long before i am counting on judicious use of quickness and time to stay out of the heat

attractive if significantly androgynous woman drops her kids off at the school down the street from my apartment, i notice her, she notices's the combination of her children and my own innate childishness that keep me from making a move in that particular direction

of course i'm still puzzled over any deeper meanings that my attractions to somewhat boyish women might signify, but i'll not enlist the services of some overpaid sausage called a Shrink to sort it out for me either

oh well
Lemon_Soda Yeah, who ever really needs help, especially from a "proffesional" and his good for nothing "education"? I'd rather wait for my brain to all of the sudden "get it" and then everythig will be alright.

Incidentally, I really like that phrase, too. One of several i get a tactile sensation on the back of my head too.
bird i don't need a freudian shrink, i already know what issues and neuroses i can trace back to my mother's influences and i don't want some more modern-influenced shrink to tell me that it's all chemical imbalances and prescribe me a bunch of shite whose potential side effects all seem to be worse than the ills they're meant to treat 080407
grendel plus, i never want to be one of those people who, in any conversation, thinks that others won't tune me out or roll their eyes if i begin a thought with "well, my therapist said..."

besides, the last psych person inflicted upon me by others was no match for the levels of weird i was working on at the time and i sent her out of that office with a minor breakdown of her own
donnie darko cellar_door 080407
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