silent bob waking up each morning with confusion in my eyes, the wind is biting through to wave hello. seeing my reflection an exterior of lies, i hope this shaking feeling doesnt show. as if i had to tell you there was little left to say, stupid conversations colored blue. you were sitting down and you got up to walk away...i tried to stay but
i was right behind you.
i was right behind you.
i was right behind you.
tension in the stare i cannot bare so close to helpless as these songs i sing inside me ring. final words are boring never touch i know you whispered something in my ear....i couldnt hear you.
Girls with the GREENEST EYES. the first time you have KISSED. our quiet softest SIGHS..a song for all of those who SHOT AND MISSED!
silentbob Head? Chest? or Foot?
Three choices. One bullet. One trigger. Guess who gets to pull it.
One leader. A thousand slaves.
For every throne there's a thousand graves.
You're all the same. Just part of their machine.
Perpetuate their dream.
They subsidize your nightclubs and they subsidize your malls.
They herd and brand the masses within painted prison walls.
'Til your freedom of assembly becomes the missiles they create.
Or just mass delusion dancing to this music that you fucking hate.
But I'm not the same. I'm not part of your fucking machine.
I'll jeopardize their dream.
I'd rather be imprisoned in a George Orwell-ian world
Than your pacified society of happy boys and girls.
I'd rather know my enemies and let you know the same.
Whose windows to smash and whose tires to slash
And where to point the fucking blame.
One future. Two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us
silentbob The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist
Swastikas and Klan-robes. Sexist, racist, homophobes. Aryan-Nations and Hammerskins: you can wear my nuts on your nazi chins! God, I love a man in uniform! (But, uh, before we get too intimate here, big fella): what exactly are the great historical accomplishments of "your" race that make you proud to be white? Capitalism? Slavery? Genocide? Sitcoms? Guns? War? Pollution? Addiction? NAFTA? Thigh-Master? This is your fucking white-history, my "friend". So why don't we start making a history worth being proud of and start fighting the real fucking enemy: the white male capitalist supremacist. Swastikas and Klan-robes. Sexist, racist, homophobes. This one's for the "Master Race": my brown-power ass in your white-power face! Kill them all and let a Norse God sort 'em out!
silentbob White, Proud and Stupid
he's a good boy, he loves his mamma. he loves jesus and his country too. he's a good boy, working class white male. loves violence and his dumb girlfriend too. and that's enough to make me... that's enough to make me sick! i am white, proud and stupid, i am much smarter than you kid (good rhyme), cuz you don't know what's right, you're black instead of white and you gotta be like me if you wanna be free in my world. in my world. i can't believe what you say, do you really think that way? every time you talk you tear the human race limb from limb. limb from limb. the first generation with the racial segregation (dunno) turn in her grave. nazi skins and aryans pollute our land: screwdriver (dead), white pride (broke up) and warzone (not nazis) and other nazi bands, they're a bunch of 'fag'-bashing goons, nationalist buffoons, and, they don't even know what the fuck they're singing about at all. i will never be white, proud and stupid, i am no smarter than you kid (good rhyme), and we both know what's right, it's never black or white you don't have to be like me you're always free in my world, in my world. the first generation with the racial segregation...
derek Bobby, you is one angry mad-at-the-world mofo! Cheer up! Life could be worse. After all, YOU could be one of those arsehole white supremist/nazi/kitty-stomping arsewipes! Aren't you glad you ain't? 000621
silentbob yes. 000622
daxle does anybody here know what a chicken fight is?...
hey JORD, hows it GOIN?
IS THAT YOU I SEE SLAPPIN DICKS.....somethin somethin

isnt a chicken fight like.....two chickens fighting? enlighten us daxle
OO you are so big
OO we're all real impressed down here, i can tell you

thast from meaning of life! its a good one. have you seen it daxle?
daxle I must admit, I am utterly confused about what yer asking me
all I wanted to say is that last year my paper for sociology was on propaghandi and it was one of the raddest things I've ever done
go me
splinken yeah, so we used to drive around and listen to the ska sucks song and laugh like crazy doofuses.

but that's all i know about propagandhi. i was never really cool enough to get into them that much. cause i'm the non-punkest girl around. you better believe it.

Tank what a wonderful word. 000830
silentbob Well daxle, you asked if anyone knew what a chicken fight was, and i was thinking mayeb it wasnt what i thought it was and maybe i was missing something and i didnt know that. so then i wanted to know if you had seen Monty Python's Meaning Of Life cuz i recited from it....i THINK. no big deal
You guys are cool anyway, liking propagandhi doesnt MAKE you cool and not liking propagandhi doesnt make you UNcool. thats what i think. but daxle is extra cool cuz we have blather_conversations .... almost.
daxle "can you fucking believe?!
what a stupid world!"
silentbob huh? 000903
daxle "Publicly subsidized! Privately profitable!" That's the anthem of the upper-tier (the puppeteer untouchable). We focus a moment, nod in approval and bury our head back in the bar-codes of these neo-colonials while our former nemesis (ah, the romance!): the nation-state, now plays fund-raiser for a new brand of power-concentrate. Try again, but now we're confused- what is "class-war"? Is this class war? Yes, this is class war. And I'm just a kid- I can't believe that I gotta worry about this kind of shit! WHAT A STUPID WORLD! Yeah, this is just beautiful... absolutely no regard for principle. What a stupid world. (We're): 1)born 2)hired 3)disposed! Where that job lands, everybody knows and you can tell by the smile on the CEO's that the environmental restraints are about to
go. You can bet that laws will be set to ensure the benefit of unrestricted labor-laws (all kept in place by displaced government death squads). They own us. They produce us. They consume us. Can you fucking believe? What a stupid world. Fuck this bullshit display of class-loyalties. The media and"our" leaders wrap it all up in a flag- their fucking shit-rag. hooray!
silentbob yes i realized that it was from a propagandhi song
but i was wondering if you were singing it randomly
or calling me stupid
i repeat

daxle is this a chat room?
I wasn't calling you stupid
although you're tmepting me to do so
silentbob um...alright. im stupid. 000917
the boy with the thorn in his side Sometimes they are the reason I get out of bed. They're playing in Providence March 10th...I can't go. No ride. New album is very good. I suggest you all pick it up. 010228
silentbob My friend doris bought it for me
she has it at her house but LO! she lives like an hour away and NO RIDE! so no new propagandhi for me for quite a while
Treebs Hey Hannah, How's it going?! Can I borrow some records, you punk rock piece of shit?! ooohhhaarrrrgghhh

Live like an angel die like a devil...Don't let it worry you, we're down here together
Understudy To Abby Grey the best thing i ever saw on tv/ was that s.q. (securite quebec) cop catching a bullet with his teeth/ condolences, madame canadiana, but your husband was a fucking stuck pig/ but this song's not about some romantic account of history/ it's not about martyrs or mythos or heroes or burnings in effigy/ it's about a native kid flipping her lid just trying to keep some self-respect intact/ it's about an oka the size of a fist in resistance and a will to fight back/ and the girls at work, they still deny their racism. they claim tolerance for all/ but it seems the degree of only racial slurs is their gauge and it defines tolerance as hate/ and there's 27 million "girls-at-work" here/ imagine fighting that for 500 years/ and golly-gee! how valiant!/ how the white oppressor makes allowance/ for calculated gestures of insurgence/ all tightly tethered to their purses/ oka had this orchestra aborted/ oka fucked their rules to choose a future self-determined and i, for one, support it/ and the best thing i think i ever said:/ "if a kevin kostner kavalry is your means to their end,/ then the struggle is dead"/ why do we pretend/ that our approval is upon what they depend? 011017
SonyaKitty Who Will Help Me Bake This Bread?
I speak my mind. I question theirs. It seems to me like no one really cares. Peripherally blind. Intellectually numb. Ignorance by choice? Or just plain fucking dumb? You're threatened by my mind. You want everything the same, but my questions still remain. You boycott your brain. You answer with fists, but my questions still persist. You can rearrange my face but you can't rearrange my mind. You can beat this shell about me, but you can't touch what's inside. So now who will help me bake this bread? Who will be the first to speak and leave complacency for dead? I've done all that I can on my own, but stagnant minds persist to squeeze blood from this stone. But I won't bleed for you. I have no need for you. Death will be the day I concede to you.
silentbob i ordered two shirts today off the internet because they are on sale 020421
akenbosche booo, booooooo
nothing personal
secrtet reminds me of 8th grade when I hated everyone and loved propagandhi. man those were the days. 031210
micky jo i remember when Anti-Flag sold out and i was crushed
crying i wrote propagandhi
asking them to promise not to be bastards
the next day todd the rodd got a hold of me and swore they wouldn't
for me he said
so cool
i put the letter on my wall and get wet just looking at it
only band i will ever trust again
closet ballerina Actually, i met anti-flag recently and they're really cool guys. They're nice. None of that bullshit teen angst/drama/attitude that their fans tend to have.

And Propahandhi.. yet another excellent band from winnepeg. see also: the weakerthans.
imaskitzo my life consists of nothing but eating fruit and dancing to propagandhi in my bedroom 040323
silentbob I don't really understand how anti-flag sold out
i mean maybe i'm missing something here
propagandhi and anti-flag both release records on fat wreck chords.
they both have their own record labels and release other bands.
they both have side projects and various other odds and ends going on
they both are very leftist and try to encourage other people to consume liberal culture and independent media
i don't know.
i guess i don't really care enough to be mad at them for whatever it is they did to sell out
you? What the heck is this website? I am absolutely completely confused. 040616
puredream :) I wish you luck! But you'll have to figure it out yourself. 040616
what's it to you?
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