black-dyed gel product I'm not feeling very "productive" this evening. 010612
HairThief Can I say I have produced anything in life?

Have I created anything?

I have an effect, good or bad, on everyone I've known but that's not a tangible product. I've a lot of friends but they aren't products.

I haven't built my own house, I haven't created a life, I haven't made a model aircraft carrier.

Hmmmmm, I've achieved alot but never produced anything. I shall build a bird table tomorrow.
Insat Isn't my laughter a product of your humour? I don't just laugh for the hell of it. 030203
HairThief Yeah but is that the best option for my tombstone :

"Insat laughed at him"

that even sounds insulting.

Although you are correct, laughter is a product, just not easy to quantify.
Insat Doesn't it flatter you to know, that with things you type, do or say you are making someone laugh and smile? Their day has been touched in a positive way by an action from you. 030203
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