like rain. pasta and the clouds drifting lazily across the harbor this morning...

sunrise on my insides, smiling fresh, basil around the edges of my dinner plate.

tomato as winter's end.
gertrude sting ave amplify
as service to your call
in ways of smears in heat
your call does in many ways
serve me with hot pliable suffering
to more ends than myself
would care to muster

in disgusted light bends
the radiogram of helpfulness
and the list continues
with the light
sending along our trust
for the most amplified
of any wish, bail out
or number of times
that bending sharpened
my love for your amplification
of me, and over all
that tricky discomfort
you stand on clouds
in service to smiles
and allocations
for me to always unload to
celestias shadow de colores
de colores me vi
en la primavera
what's it to you?
who go