frippy What this site is leading me to be.

But perhaps it helps to be a little pretentious sometimes, by overextending ourselves and trying a little too hard, we lead ourselves around to the actual point we're trying to make. Eventually, we can drop the act and say it with sincerity and confidence, knowing we don't have to rely on confusing artifices and obscurity to make an impact.

Or perhaps that thought in itself is pretentious.
dickflem This means you. Ohhhh, or does it??? Ahhh.... mmmmm.... wank. 010327
333 hate 010327
333 your hate is appealing 010327
unhinged it's funny how sarcasm doesn't come across all that well on the internet 020214
Dafremen No sh*t..huh? 020215
~gez~ i pretend your here.
to be laying my hands upon your smooth and imaculate skin.
as you look into my eyes i reassure you everything will be fine.
content with this you lean back into my pillow.
i move slowly over you, to give a gentle kiss to you.
you have a secret smile, and only i know it. now i see it.
as i switch off the light, i close my eyes.
[not like i could see anyway]
then need to think i do not.
my body works at one with yours.
claudiabalaudia is itself 040222
chrysalid this is me

anne-girl I guess lots of people aren't, and I'm not one of them 040921
stork daddy only in the worst sense. 040921
god i believe it's possible to be high on your own intellectual stratification. how's that? 040922
what's it to you?
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