Tolerance It's your fault. It's all your fault. You and your hate. I hate you. You're horrible. You arrogant, pompous prick. You think you have the right to hurt someone else for the sake of satisfying your own twisted hatred. You don't! You NEVER have that right! You never did, you never do, and you never will!

You are a parasite in the brain of humanity. You eat away at the individuals until the whole is nothing more than a braindead, consumer driven piece of shit with a warped sense of right and wrong, a superiority complex and an obsession with violence. You are the one who drives people to get plastic surgery so they will look just like everybody else. You are the one who drives people to go out and buy all the latest trends so they can be as "normal" as everybody else. You are the one who drives people to ostrasize their friends because they are not a carbon copy of every other person on earth.

All the shootings, all the hatred, all the anger and depression; it's all your fault. All of it. How does it feel to have all that blood and emotion on your hands? You created it. You made this braindead wretch and now, piece by piece, person by person, I am going to fix things. Little by little I am going to destroy you, because it's ALL YOUR FAULT, and for that, I pity you.
<#@$$->>> you right. 010815
Timmy You talking to me? 010816
Dafremen Yet another poorly spelled blather.

Yes timmy, that's who they're talking to alright. If the hood fits, wear it.
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