celestias shadow this is really a superliciously cool word. say it. see? wasn't that fun? 031029
Strideo its prawn-o-rific! prawntastic!
Smurf I used to love these, then I woke up one day and simply couldn't stand the thought. 040429
Borealis the jumbo prawn skewer

looking like it was about to crawl over the table, and
scratch a hole through the darkened doorway
unhinged uummmm...where i come from they are shrimp. i never shyed away from the curled legs you had to peel off before you ate them even when i was two. i am supposed to teach her how to eat seafood since neither of her parents will eat it. 040607
trial separation youre supposed to peel off the legs? 040608
Borealis if you don't peel off the legs..
its liable to crawl through the darkened doorway..

and slit your throat

they're menacing little buggers shrimp are.
dosquatch Seamonkeys! 040608
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